I Am The Woman
I Was Always Waiting For.

I am Nyla Christian…Life Inspired!  I live this beautiful life of texture and joy out loud and in the light. Over the past 15 years, I have walked hand in hand as a Life-Empowerment Coach with a body of bold, powerful, bad ass women on the journey to self discovery.

My Mission, My Purpose:

Creating a diverse and  inclusive village of women strengthened by the truth and reality of their own journey. Every one of us has a victory, a story of life defying growth. I am building a community of women who put their purpose to work. We are building a life bridge for  "the girl on the other side of the door”. Representation matters…All women- especially women of color- need to see their future.

Build with me, let’s shatter every ceiling!


I’ve learned to live raw, truthful and direct- it’s the highest form of self-care. I share my everyday experiences from my core, where every secret went to live. My story is not unique, but it is mine and I live it out loud.  Years of struggle with emotional and physical abuse, repeated attempts to cure myself, and smooth away trauma with a brush of the “super woman cape” left me depleted, weary and spiritually bankrupt.

I got stuck somewhere between being the “right girl”, pretending I was “ok”, and believing that lie. I drowned myself in substances and circumstances to hide from the truth. Following my own life-affirming awakening, I felt and answered an irresistible calling to dedicate my life to helping others to reimagine and empower themselves. My story became my purpose, my glory.


A Woman Who Finds Her Voice Finds Her Life

I am a living tribute to the vibrant, effective and productive path of recovery and self-discovery. Life Inspired Development is about living on purpose. I invite you to journey with me through inspirational keynotes, empowerment coaching, and life development seminars.  True and effective healing from emotional and physical trauma takes deep work and bravery- we journey together .

You Are Your Story” is the Life Inspired Development motivational series guiding you to recognize your own unique purpose and shared common values . I coach women, youth and adults in the development of those values as their own characters, distinct from the stories that have been created for them by others. I guide and facilitate this Story of Self, Story of Us, and Story of Now as a learning and discovery journey for individuals, groups and organizations to develop healthy esteem, inclusive corporate culture and ultimately compassionate awareness.



Living Well Project is a LifeBridge Creating more accessible and viable pathways for women of color and marginalized communities to realize themselves in advocacy and leadership.

Living Well Project is a women's recovery development network focused on advancing culturally inclusive peer leadership and development in the treatment of dependency disorders. Peer training and development, and targeted outreach events are some of the ways we are strengthening the recovery community. We also focus on empowering women in historically underserved communities and rebuilding their lives which creates culturally congruent pathways to successful, meaningful recovery. Our goal is to leave a lasting effect to change the course of community development.

I’ve built  LivingWell Project (501c3) as a leading National Recovery Advocate, while experiencing a lack of diversity in a space where the voices of Black Indigenous Women of color is but a small whisper. Conversations that decide and focus national efforts to create recovery support services, need diverse voices and experiences.

Programs designed to bring hope and empowerment to the recovery community should reflect the diversity of our community.

Anything for Us should include all of Us.


Hey Sis...I see you! Tell me your story.
What inspires you? What is your WHY?


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